Member Spotlight!!

Introducing our first Member Spotlight!! So we proudly introduce our MY Zone heart rate monitor winner from the Grand Opening Raffle, Vanessa Teal. We asked her a few questions about our experience at MAC and here are her responses…

What is your favorite MAC Workout ? MAC Attack!! Duh!
What are your fitness goals? Weight loss and gaining strength
What motivates you? Great coaches, my family, the awesome atmosphere at MAC AND getting to my heart rate zone on my new MYZONE heart rate monitor!
What is your favorite healthy snack? fruit
How would you describe your experience at MAC? My experience here has been amazing! All the coaches as well as staff members make it more than “just a gym”. I actually look forward to coming to the gym because I know I will work my best. All of the coaches, staff, and equipment make you WANT to work harder. It definitely helps that I can bring my daughter with me and she LOVES coming to play in the Kid Zone so much that she ASKS to come with me!