Congratulations Frank!

We want to give a huge CONGRATULATIONS to one of our very own for an amazing accomplishment this past weekend! Frank, our head trainer at MAC, was competing in the Polk County Senior Games on Saturday and not only did he WIN but he also broke both records for the deadlift and bench press. He set the record last year with a 260lb deadlift and a 210lb bench press. This year, at the age of 62 and weight of 146lb, he set a NEW record with his 300lb deadlift as well as a 225lb bench press. Frank normally trains 4 days a week but increased his training to twice a day for the past few months specifically for this competition. Frank and his training staff can help show you how to get healthy and be strong at any age. Call us at 321-425-5838 or email for more information on how you can schedule a Fitness and Wellness Assessment with Frank. *Fees may apply #MAC #MelbourneAthleticClub. #personaltraining