What is it?
The SKILLMILL™ is a sleek and sinuous non-motorized treadmill that is powered by… you! The first machine to allow everyday athletes to improve their power, speed, stamina and agility in a single product. Safe, engaging and effective, SKILLMILL offers all the benefits of professional sports training. This unique solution boasts a huge variety of workout routines to train the entire body for peak performance.

How do I use it?
The beauty of the SKILLMILL is two-fold – it’s incredibly simple (and fun) to use and it has a variety of resistance training options. Used as a basic treadmill, even a simple run or power walk will increase the metabolic rate of the user, or you can go full out and use it with maximum resistance.

Easy for technophobes to use?
Compared to most gym equipment, the SKILLMILL is like a walk in the park. Set-up is one pain-free step: set and adjust the resistance with just a pull or push of the yellow handle on the side takes you from zero to max. By shifting gear, you can switch quickly from low-resistance running to an all-out sled push.

Using it is uncomplicated too. Your speed is controlled by the resistance itself and the amount of pressure you can exert on the treadmill. To move faster, you position yourself at the front end of the treadmill where the belt curves upwards; to slow down, you move away towards the rear of the machine. Side and front handlebars are in place to help you steady yourself during certain movements.

Where do I find it?
Working out on the SKILLMILL is exclusive to our MAC Attack Boot Camp Classes!