Non-members and members are invited to sign up now for our Jumpstart program starting January 14th. Treat yourself to an 8 week program that will last a lifetime! In these eight weeks you will receive:

* Unlimited access to the MAC, including access to all 3 studios.

* Weekly beginner MAC attack classes, designed just for program participants.

* Our Certified Holistic Health Coach, Joyce Barton, will help you make positive lifestyle changes through meal plans with real food, shopping lists, and meal prep advice.

* Weekly check-ins on the Bio Tracker to enable you to track fat loss, muscle gain, and gut health which lowers your metabolic age.

* Bi-weekly meetings with a Personal Trainer who will take measurements and create an individual workout routine just for you, which they will monitor and alter as needed on a bi-weekly basis.

* Use of a MyZone Heart Rate Monitor to assist you and the trainer in tracking and getting the most out of your workouts

* Weekly walks led by a MAC staff member (sign up required)

* Access to a private Facebook page to further your success through support, motivation, and friendship.


The first 10 people to sign up will receive a $50 discount, so sign up now!

Dates: January 14, 2019 through March 10, 2019

Cost:    $299 ($50 off for first 10 people who sign up)


MEMBERS AND NON-MEMBERS –  If you can’t commit to our full JumpStart program, we are opening up our weekly seminars to you!! Check out the schedule below and join us for the entire series – members $30, non-members $60, or for individual talks – members $5, non-members $10



MONDAYS at 6:45 pm or SATURDAYS at 11:15 am in the MAC Attack Studio

WK 1 GETTING STARTED – The gut of the problem WK 5 HEART HEALTH – The skinny cholesterol
WK 2 GOAL SETTING – Deep dive into the WHY WK 6 FOOD LABELS – How to read a nutrition label
WK 3 FAT CELLS 101 – What makes fat cells fat? WK 7 SUGAR, STRESS & SLEEP – What sugar really does
WK 4 PROTEIN POWER – The importance of protein WK 8 MAINTENANCE – Keep track to stay on track