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A Healthy Employee is a Happy (and productive) Employee!

The MAC offers 3 great opportunities to our Corporate friends – The Corporate Fitness Challenge, our Corporate Bootcamp classes and our Corporate Membership.



Health. Wellness. Returns.

Employees are a company’s biggest asset, so making their health and wellness a priority leads to bigger returns with lower absenteeism, reduced insurance costs and higher productivity.  The Corporate Fitness Challenge helps deliver these in a customizable, six-week program that engages employees to improve their health and camaraderie through friendly competition.

Driven by the team at The MAC, who will administer the program from Day One through Week Six, the challenge provides:

  • Motivation and encouragement throughout,
  • The MyZone heart rate monitor and app, which rewards employees for their fitness efforts,
  • Health and training videos on demand,
  • Health Coach Available for Live Chats and Support,
  • Incremental and final rewards to keep them engaged,
  • Private Facebook Group, and
  • Pop-up classes or access to The MAC, depending on how you set up your company’s challenge.

For more information, call the MAC and ask for Rebecca or Mary (321) 425-5838.



Health. Wellness. Returns.

Do you want to work off that 9 to 5 stress? Why not round up a group of 10 – 15 people, and let the coaches of the MAC put you through your paces in our unique MAC Attack Bootcamp class.  We offer reduced rates and waived processing fees! Your company can customize the bootcamps to fit around your busy schedule.

Call the MAC and ask for Rebecca to schedule a corporate boot camp now (321) 425-5838.






Health. Wellness. Returns.

The MAC offers reduced rates and waived processing fees to all local corporations! Let us help get you and your staff fit, and on the road toward a healthier, happier, and more productive lifestyle!

Call the MAC for more details on our corporate rates (321) 425-5838.








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