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Trainer Testimonials

Andrea’s Testimonials

I have trained with Andrea for 12 years and have found her to be extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. With her expertise, Andrea has been able to adjust my workouts to accommodate a variety of issues I’ve had throughout the years. Andrea will always be a part of my life, as my health and quality of life would not be the same without her.


Andrea has been my trainer for 8 years and has guided me through everything from fitness competitions to rehabbing from injuries. Andrea’s workouts are not one-size-fits-all; she is an expert at post-rehab, sport specific, and every training modality in between.



Julie’s Testimonials

Julie is a fantastic trainer. She personalizes a program for you and makes sure that there is a huge variety of exercises. She will encourage you, stretch you beyond what you think you are capable of (in a good way!) and support you all the way. She takes a holistic approach with diet and lifestyle advice. She is also a wonderful and compassionate person, and has a great sense of humor!


Julie has been a personal trainer at my office for countless of years… with that said I have been training with Julie since 2012. She is very professional and receptive to your needs and goals. She has always been flexible with time,friendly, and punctual. July is very flexible when it comes to your training goals and she arrives to your session with a planned out work out that will meet all your goals. If for some reason there is an issue with doing the exercise she also has backup exercises that will target the areas. Some of my favorite things about her exercise plans are; ever evolving, never repetitive,and always challenging. I always look forward to the day we train.



Penny’s Testimonials

Penny has been my personal trainer since I joined MAC. Through consistent and positive feedback, Penny retrained my attitude into “you can do this” while retraining my body. She is passionate about fitness and it shows through her energy and enthusiasm. She places high values on correct form. My shoulders and blades gave me much pain prior to personal training. Penny has helped to strengthen my muscles by correcting my alignment.

Penny is a great trainer and she is willing to work with the older population. She works on my strength, balance and posture. She is always on time and pleasant. I know that by working with Penny my senior years will be better.

Penny came highly recommended for females with any level of fitness.  I was told she could help me understand which exercises I would be safe doing while recovering from a severe back strain.   I was out from tennis for 7 months and it was important for me to maintain my fitness and cardio as to not lose everything I had worked on for the past few years.  Penny provided a variety of sessions for me over a period of twelve weeks.   We adjusted each time if I had overdone a certain part of my body …she was very good about offering wristbands to borrow during our workouts and even lent me arm bands when things flared up.  The average gym or trainer isn’t going to provide that personal experience and I really appreciated Penny not only helping me achieve my personal fitness goals but also providing guidance on items to assist me.

Sean’s Testimonials
My husband and I have been working with Sean at the MAC twice a week for almost a year. In addition to being very knowledgeable in his field, Sean quickly understood our goals and has continually provided advice and varied programs. His approach to training is incorporating flexibility, strength, breathing, balance, endurance and ab work into our workouts through the use of TRX straps, bands, kettlebells, ropes and sleds to name a few of his favorite toys.  He constantly motivates us to move through the difficult movements often joining in to encourage us to keep going.  Most importantly – he ensures we are doing the moves correctly and reinforces how it will benefit us. The results have been significant. We are leaner, more toned and far more flexible than before!
Zach’s Testimonials
Zach does the best job helping us get the most out of our MAC Attack workouts.  He understands body mechanics, alignment and the importance of stretching to prevent injury.  There is no better way to start a Wednesday morning than with ‘Zach Attack’!!
Zach has been my personal trainer for over a year.  His training is creative, challenging and enjoyable.  I feel stronger, more balanced and flexible, which has helped me in my day to day life.  My knee and shoulder pain no longer bother me, thanks to Zach teaching me about correct body technique, form and alignment.